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EPrints 3 Reference: Directory Structure - Metadata Fields - Repository Configuration - XML Config Files - XML Export Format - EPrints data structure - Core API - Data Objects

Command-line tools. These are used either directly from the command line, or set to be run every so often, using cron.

Use the --man option on the command line to get more information about these tools.


# /opt/eprints3/bin/export --man
  • eprints3/bin/
    • check_xapian - Checks whether eprints have been properly indexed by Xapian.
    • epadmin - Perform admin tasks including creating repositories.
    • epindexer - UNIX script to start the EPrints indexer when the server reboots. Do not call directly.
    • export - Export data from the system using an export plugin.
    • generate_abstracts - Update all the Metadata-Summary pages. (The page for a single EPrint which links to the documents)
    • generate_apacheconf - Update the apache configuration files.
    • generate_sitemap - Update sitemap.xml. Useful for improving Google indexing.
    • generate_static - Update all the static web pages.
    • generate_views - Update all the /view/ pages.
    • import - Import data from a file using an import plugin.
    • import_subjects - Import the subject tree from a text file or XML file.
    • indexer - This is a daemon which runs in background and indexes the words in documents, titles, abstracts etc. so that they can be searched.
    • issues_audit - This script should be run periodically, to identify issues such as duplicate and similar titles.
    • junit_tests - Runs unit test against the EPrints repository software but with Junit output that has better compability with Jenkins for Continuous Integration (CI).
    • lift_embargos - This script should be run once a day. It removes security on documents which embargo date has passed.
    • send_alerts - This should also be run daily, weekly and monthly with the appropriate options. Sends out saved search emails.
    • - Used by apache to load modules for mod_perl. Does not do anything useful on the command line.
    • toolbox - Various tools to manage a repository from the command line.
    • unit_tests - Runs unit test against the EPrints repository software.