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generate_apacheconf - Create the apache config files needed for EPrints


generate_apacheconf [options] [repository_id]

generate_apacheconf --replace [repoid]


This script generates the config files to include in your Apache configuration.

If you have changed a repository's configuration (hostname/port/path) you can update the configuration for that repository with:

 generate_apacheconf --replace [repoid]

Adding to Apache Configuration

To enable EPrints you must add the following line to your main Apache configuration file (/etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf):

 Include /opt/eprints3/cfg/apache.conf

To enable secure (HTTPS) you must add the following line to your SSL VirtualHost:

 Include /opt/eprints3/cfg/apache_ssl.conf


  • repository_id
Optionally update the given repository's apache configuration only. Will only replace an existing configuration file with the --replace option.


  • --replace
Replace existing configuration files, overwriting any changes made.
  • --system
Update the system configuration file, overwriting any changes made.
  • --help
Print a brief help message and exit.
  • --man
Print the full manual page and then exit.
  • --quiet
Be vewwy vewwy quiet. This option will supress all output unless an error occurs.
  • --verbose
Explain in detail what is going on. May be repeated for greater effect.
  • --version
Output version information and exit.


  • EPRINTS/cfg/apache.conf
Loads the EPrints environment and repository-specific configuration files.
  • EPRINTS/cfg/apache_ssl.conf
Loads the repository-specific SSL configuration files.
  • EPRINTS/cfg/apache/[repoid].conf
A <VirtualHost> that responds to the configured hostname and port of the repository.
  • EPRINTS/cfg/apache_ssl/[repoid].conf
A <Location> that responds to the configured https_root of the repository.
  • EPRINTS/archives/[repoid]/cfg.d/10_base.pl
Default location for host and path directives used to build the Apache configuration files.


Copyright 2000-2011 University of Southampton.

This file is part of EPrints http://www.eprints.org/.

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