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send_alerts - Send out all the email alerts for a given frequency.


send_alerts repository_id frequency [options]


This script sends out all the alerts emails for the specified repository and frequency. frequency must be one of daily|weekly|monthly.

This script should probably be called from your "cron" system, soon after midnight. Something like:

# 00:15 every morning
15 0 * * * EPRINTS_PATH/bin/send_alerts dookuprints daily
# 00:30 every sunday morning
30 0 * * 0 EPRINTS_PATH/bin/send_alerts dookuprints weekly
# 00:45 every first of the month
45 0 1 * * EPRINTS_PATH/bin/send_alerts dookuprints monthly

Note the spacing out so that all 3 don't start at once and hammer the database.


The ID of the eprint repository to use.
Which "frequency" of alerts to send - the daily, weekly or monthly ones.


Print a brief help message and exit.
Print the full manual page and then exit.
Be vewwy vewwy quiet. This option will supress all output unless an error occurs.
Explain in detail what is going on. May be repeated for greater effect.
Output version information and exit.


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