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[[Template:Register|Here you can register for an eprints.org account]] to edit the wiki.
[[Template:Register|Here you can register for an eprints.org account]] to edit the wiki.
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== User Accounts ==
== User Accounts ==

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When you install EPrints there are a handful of tasks you will probably have to do for every repository your create. This section is designed to give each of those tasks a focal point. The documents found here are tutorial explainations of how to perform common tasks in EPrints. They are not designed to be comprehensive but they should give you a favour of the sort of things that can be done. If you supliment the information here with the material in the Category:EPrints_3_Reference the you should find you are able to achieve most of your goals.

If you run into any trouble you can always ask EP-Tech. For free support and discussion about EPrints you can sign up to the EP-Tech. If you find one of the How-tos has a mistake or is out of date please feel free to add corrections that made it work for you.

If you end up doing something which is not yet documented here feel free to make an page explaining what you did and how you did it. Commonly you will not have time in your day to day work to write a whole How-to so instead why not try adding a "snippet".

Here you can register for an eprints.org account to edit the wiki. adding an Institution Field to authors


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