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Eprints 3 users - the OAI interface to expose UKETD_DC is already bundled with the Eprints 3 distribution. However, it is still necessary to configure your installation to allow entry of metadata conforming to EThOS requirements. To this end you may find the EPrints v3 Configuration Notes helpful.

Guide to using an existing repository

EPrints v3 Configuration Notes

UKETD_DC: The metadata core set recommended by EThOS

Mandatory Fields

Ethos Field name EPrints field used by Ethos plugin Comments
Title title
Author creators_name
Awarding Institution institution
Year of Award date Implicitly assumed that this is date on title page of thesis.
Type type Material type, i.e. Thesis
Qualification level thesis_type Default thesis_type values mix qualification level (eg. Masters) and qualification name (eg. PhD). Suggest refining thesis_type values and optionally adding new thesis_name field.
Qualification name thesis_name Not in EPrints default. Name of the degree, e.g. Ph.D., M.D.

Optional Fields

Ethos Field name EPrints field used by Ethos plugin Comments
Alternative Title alt_title Not in EPrints defaults.
Supervisor(s)/advisor(s) advisor Not in EPrints defaults. Plugin expects single value text field. Suggest using default Contributors field instead (adjust plugin to look for contributors with Thesis advisor role).
Abstract abstract
Language* language Not in EPrints defaults. ISO639-2 language code for the main language of the text, e.g eng
Sponsors/Funders* sponsors Not in EPrints defaults.
Grant number
Institutional Repository URL* Link to the Institutional Repository page for the thesis. Note plugin uses both $eprint->get_url and official_url for dc:isReferencedBy.
URL for digital object(s)* URL for the digital object (and any associated data files) for full-text harvesting by EThOS. Plugin uses $document->get_url
Embargo date* date_embargo Not in EPrints defaults. Not to be confused with document.date_embargo.
Embargo Type* To be used if only part of the thesis is embargoed. Value = Partial
Rights* rights Not in EPrints defaults.
Subject keywords subjects
DDC Dewey Decimal Classification
LCC Library of Congress Classification
LCSH Library of Congress Subject Headings
MESH Medical Subject Headings
Author Affiliation department
Work Identifier(s) Identifier(s) for the thesis e.g. DOI, ISBN, ISTC
Author Identifier(s) Identifiers for the author, e.g. HUSID, ISNI, ORCID

* = Mandatory if applicable

Deprecated Fields

Ethos Field name EPrints field used by Ethos plugin Comments
File Format document.format
File Size
Checksum checksum Not in EPrints defaults
File Version

Other (not in Ethos spec)

Ethos Field name EPrints field used by Ethos plugin Comments
Editor?/Contributor? editors_name dc:contributor