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This page pertains to the Status administration page that can be accessed from the System Tools tab of the Admin web page for your repository archive's web interface.

This page provides status information about the archive this includes:

  • EPrints Release - The version of EPrints currently being used by the archive.
  • Database Driver - The type of EPrints database driver (e.g. EPrints::Database::mysql or EPrints::Database::Pg or EPrints::Database::Oracle) and the underlying Perl database module libraries used by the archige
  • Database Server Version - The type and version of the database server application (e.g MySQL, PostGreSQL, etc.) used by EPrints by the archive
  • Database Status - Is the database server application running.
  • Indexer Status - Is the indexer for the repository running or not or has it stalled?
  • Background Task Queue - The number of indexer tasks of any status for the archive.
  • XML Library - The XML parsing and generation library used by the archive.
  • Users - The numbers of each different type of user for the archive.
  • Items - The numbers of each different status of of eprint for the archive.
  • Disk Space - The amount of disk space used by the document partitions under the archive's document directory.
  • Saved Searches and Alerts' - Number of saved search for each frequency of alerts and when emails were last sent out for each of these frequencies.