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This page pertains to the Create user administration page that can be accessed from the System Tools tab of the Admin web page for your repository web interface.

The page presents a simple form with a single field to enter the username for the new user, which must be different from any current users for the archive. After clicking on Create User button you will be redirected to the edit form for the newly created user. Here you will be able to edit the following fields:

  • User Type - Is this a regular User, an Editor or a Repository Administrator.
  • Username - If you want to change this from the username you just chose.
  • Roles - Additional permission groups that this user has over the user type it has set.

Also, on the Profile stage for the user edit form, by default you can set:

  • Account Details
    • Email address - For password reset and/or sending message alerts.
    • Hide Email - Whether other (non-repository administrator) users can see this user's email address.
    • Password - The password to login as this user. You will need to set this for newly created users, unless you have institutional login (e.g. LDAP or Shibboleth) configured.
  • Personal Details
    • Name - Including Title, Given Name / Initials and Family Name for the user.
    • Department - In which the user is based.
    • Organisation - To which the user belongs.
    • Addresss - The location of the user.
    • Country - In which the user resides.
    • Homepage URL - E.g. personal website or staff profile page for the user.
    • Preferred Language - If the archive is multi-language, which language does the user prefer.