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== Using the Live CD ==
== Using the Live CD ==
* [[EPrints Live CD Help]]
* [[EPrints Live CD Help]]
* [[Building the Live CD]]
== Installing EPrints From Source (.tar.gz) ==
== Installing EPrints From Source (.tar.gz) ==

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Introduction to EPrints 3

Installation and First Steps


Installing EPrints From Binary

Using the Live CD

Installing EPrints From Source (.tar.gz)

Post Installation

Getting Started

How-to Guides

What is a how-to?

How-to contribute

There's a number of different ways you can contribute to the EPrints project. This section covers all the ones we can think of...

Always make an entry on http://files.eprints.org/ for your contribution, even if you don't upload the files. This will make it the one-stop place for people to find EPrints extensions.


Technical Reference