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Work in Progress
The page is a work in progress.

This is a work in progress. Please do not follow these instructions until they are complete and this warning has been removed.

It is generally advised that you do not upgrade from EPrints 3.2 to EPrints 3.3 on the same server rather you install and configure the latest EPrints 3.3 on a new server and test the best you can that all the functionality works as you expect and then migrate your archive's database and documents folder across to the new server.


As the way that EPrints may be installed on your existing system the following keys will be used throughout this guide:

  • EPRINTS_PATH: The directory in which EPrints is installed, e.g. /opt/eprints3/, /usr/local/share/eprints/, etc.
  • ARCHIVE_DIR_NAME: The name of the top level directory your archive. e.g. test if the full path is /opt/eprints3/archives/test/.
  • OLD_SERVER: The hostname of the old server running EPrints 3.2 (e.g. old-eprints.example.org).
  • NEW_SERVER: The hostname of the new server running EPrints 3.3 (e.g. new-eprints.example.org).

Things to check

Before you start installing the lateste EPrints 3.3 on a new server, it is worth asking the following questions about your existing EPrints 3.2 repository. As they will determine whether there are additional dependencies or configuration changes you need to made to get these to work. In some cases you may need to contact your institution's/organisation's IT support department to make changes at an institutional level (e.g. firewall changes, access to authentications systems such as Active Directory / LDAP, etc.).

  1. Does it use ROMEO completion?
  2. Is the kultur module used?
  3. Is it using irstats1?
  4. Graphs shown on abstract pages?
  5. How is user authentication handled?
  6. Is SSL used?
  7. Is Google Analytics used?
  8. Is the REF module used?
  9. Coversheets in use?

Upgrade Steps

As you are initially just installing EPrints from scratch on a new server you can follow either the Red Hat based Linux or Debian based Linux instructions. Installation on other operating systems is discouraged.

Once you have an EPrints 3.3 repository running on your new server you can start reconfiguring it to meet your bespoke requirements. It is recommended that if you have more than one archive you work on one at a time. First you need to tar up you current archive and copy it to your new server:

cd EPRINTS_PATH/archives/
tar -czvf --exclude=ARCHIVE_DIR_NAME/documents/ ARCHIVE_DIR_NAME.tgz ARCHIVE_DIR_NAME