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Data Objects: Access - Document - EPrint - Event Queue - File - History - Import - Login Ticket - Request - Saved Search - Subject - User

Built in Fields

Field NameTypeDescription
historyidint fieldThe unique numerical ID of this history event.
useriditemref field userThe ID of the user who caused this event. A value of zero or undefined indicates that there was no user responsible (i.e. a script did it).
actortext fieldA text representation of the actor responsible for the action for this history event.
datasetidtext fieldThe name of the dataset to which the modified item belongs.
objectidint fieldThe numerical ID of the object in the dataset.
revisionint fieldThe revision of the object. This is the revision number after theaction occured.
timestamptime fieldThe moment at which this event happened.
actionset fieldThe type of event.
detailslongtext fieldIf this is a rejection, then the details contain the message sent to the user.

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