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When EPrints is initially installed you will see a front page warning like the following:

Welcome to YOUR REPOSITORY NAME. Start customising this repository.

Edit the file with a text editor (e.g. Vim):


If this does not exist copy the file from the location below to the location above:


Then you need to delete the whole block that for the div with class ep_msg_message. This should look something like:

<div class="ep_msg_message">
  <div class="ep_msg_message_content">
    <div class="ep_msg_message_icon" style="width: 32px;">
      <img alt="Message" src="/style/images/message.png">
    <div class="ep_msg_message_text">Welcome to Test Repository. <a rel="external" href="" target="_blank">Start customising this repository</a>.</div>

Alternatively, just change the text in the ep_msg_message_text for some other informational text you want to provide to those visiting your repository.

The page may automatically update, when you refresh the page in your web browser, if not you should run generate_static with the following command, replacing EPRINTS_PATH and REPO_ID as appropriate.

EPRINTS_PATH/bin/generate_static REPO_ID

To carry on configuring your ne repository see the Getting Started guide.