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Admin: Editorial Tools - System Tools - Config. Tools

Config. Tools: Storage Manager - Update Database - Reload Configuration - View Configuration - Phrase Editor - Edit subject - Manage Metadata Fields

This page pertains to the Storage Manager administration page that can be accessed from the Config. Tools tab of the Admin web page for your repository archive's web interface.

This page has two separate section one details EPM Disk Storage presenting how much disk space is used by each EPM, (i.e. Bazaar plugins). The other section details Local Disk Storage, this typically falls into two categories of file: Documents (i.e. those uploaded as part of an eprint) and Object Revisions (i.e. those capturing XML revisions of an eprint's metadata over time). These categories of files can then be managed. However, for a default EPrints installation there not really anything you can actively manage. The Storage Manager is really only useful to see how much space each of the categories of files takes up on disk.