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EPrints Community Contributions Day

November 18th, 2015 is EPrints Community Contributions day. We encourage everyone to participate. See the event wiki page

Welcome to the EPrints Wiki

This wiki contains technical and user-contributed documentation for the EPrints software.

Demoprints is our live, online server that allows anyone to try EPrints without having to install it first.

For more information on the EPrints project and related activities visit

New to EPrints?

On this wiki you can find:

There are two mail lists that you might like to join.

The EPrints User Group Google Group!forum/eprints-uk-user-group

This group is for anyone involved in using EPrints. Ask questions, share ideas, hear about forthcoming meetings.

The Eprints Technical Mailing List

Join the list at:

Offer solutions to peers or ask for help.

  • How to contribute to the wiki (link to the contributing to the wiki section on main page)
  • Code Sharing Repository
  • Help - The EPrints mailing lists are useful starting points

Download EPrints


Getting Started

Getting Support

  • EPrints Services - premium support, training and hosting from EPrints experts
  • Contact - mailing lists, bug reports etc.

Add-ons, patches and translations

  • As of version 3.3 EPrints can now install plugins and translations through the EPrints Bazaar the wiki also has information about packaging plugins for the Bazaar.
  • The EPrints Files Repository contains add-on and 3rd party scripts, patches and translations. This also provides an archive of all previous EPrints releases (3.0 onwards).
  • Plugins: Some Wiki pages about scripts and patches.

Contributing to the Wiki

We welcome contributions to the Wiki but you will need to register for an EPrints account (free but requires email activation).

Please use the Request account link at the top right of the page to submit a request for an account.

Before creating a page take a look at the Wiki editing guidelines. They should help keep the wiki organised and useful.

Contributing to EPrints

Content management