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The EPrints Bazaar represents a major leap forward in repository software and introduces an "App Store" to the EPrints platform (Version >=3.3).

The Bazaar represents the one stop shop that enables repository administrators to install eprints plug-ins and extensions in a single click.

This page gives links to the various resources available about getting starting with the Bazaar as well how to develop packages ready for the Bazaar.


Development Guides

Note that these should be followed in order, they are not to be regarded as stand alone exercises otherwise the last one would be huge!

  • My First Bazaar Package - Writing a Screen Plug-in, installing and removing it, creating a config file for my screen plug-in and using it.
  • Boxes on Abstract Pages. The exercise outlines the simplist way to add content to the abstract page without needed to do complex manipulation of the abstract page XML.

See also Category:Bazaar Package.