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  • eprints3/archives/ARCHIVEID/cfg
    • apache.conf - Repository specific apache config options which appear OUTSIDE the virtual host block.
    • apachevhost.conf - Repository specific apache config options which appear INSIDE the virtual host block. Nb. That this is in addition to all the directives created automatically.
    • autocomplete/ - Location of autocomplete datafiles.
    • cfg.d/ - General configuration files.
    • citations/ - Citation files (these describe how to show objects in search results and so forth).
    • lang/ - Language specfic files for this repository (phrases, static pages and images, site template)
    • namedsets/ - These are files which contain lists of values for named set fields.
    • static/ - Source for pages and images in the repository which are not language dependent.
    • subjects - Text file containing initial subject tree that will be imported with eprints3/bin/import_subjects
    • workflows/ - Workflow files describing the pages which edit EPrint and User records.