Read Only Directories

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Certain directories in EPrints really should not be modified by hand. These include...

Everything under eprints3/lib/

Plugins may install additional files here, but you should not modify anything. If you wish to override files in the /lib/ dir you can do so in the appropriate cfg dir of your repository. For example, if a file exists in both eprints3/lib/static/style and eprints3/archives/ARCHIVEID/cfg/static/style then only the one under archives/ will be used.

Note on overriding phrases

An exception is phrases. Phrases are over-ridden by phrase-id not by filename. To override a phrase, just place a phrase with the same phraseid in any file in your archive cfg/lang/.../phrases/ directory.

var directories

eprints3/var/ and eprints3/archives/ARCHIVEID/var/'

These contain files generated by the system and should not be modified by hand.

Everything under eprints3/perl_lib/

Don't touch anything under here except the following exceptions...


This contains the most general of system settings (such as what user to run as, and what directory it's in). You may need to occasionally tweak something in this file.


You may wish to add your own (custom) plugins or install some from