Event Queue Object

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Built in Fields

Field NameTypeDescription
eventqueueiduuid fieldEither a UUID or a hash of the event (if created with create_unique method).
cleanupboolean fieldIf set to true removes this event once it has finished. Defaults to true
priorityint fieldThe priority for this event.
start_timetimestamp fieldThe event should not be executed before this time.
end_timetime fieldThe event was last touched at this time.
statusset field eprintThe status of the event. Can be one of waiting, inprogress, success or failed.
useriditemref fieldThe user (if any) that was responsible for creating this event.
descriptionlongtext fieldA human-readable description of this event (or error).
pluginidid fieldThe EPrints::Plugin::Event plugin id to call to execute this event.
actionid fieldThe name of the action to execute on the plugin (i.e. method name).
paramsstorable fieldParameters to pass to the action (a text serialisation).

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