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eprint_render.pl defines the configuration for rendering EPrint abstract/summary pages. There are various aspects to this configuration file.

Summary Page Metadata

Abstract/summary pages display a table of metadata fields for an EPrint. This by default appears just after the abstract. The fields that appear in this table can be defined in


. The default configration for this is:

$c->{summary_page_metadata} = [qw/

Only the fields that have values set for them will be displayed in this summary table.

EPrint Render Function

This is the main function that renders the abstract summary page. It builds the various flags and fragments that will then be used by the citations/eprint/summary_page.xml. This function comes under the configuration setting:


By default this function returns three XHTML DOM trees. One for the content of the page, one for the title of the page and the final for menu links.