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Back to cfg.d includes configuration for how email that EPrints needs to send should be sent. By default this uses the send_mail_via_smtp function with the following line:

$c->{send_email} = \&EPrints::Email::send_mail_via_smtp;

This could be changed to the send_mail_via_sendmail function of bespoke function of your own. If you define you own function it will be passed the following parameters:

  • $repository - The Repository object.
  • $langid - The language ID, (e.g. en) to be used when transcribing EPC phrases.
  • $name - The name of the person to which the email is to be sent.
  • $address - The email address to which the email is to be sent.
  • $subject - The subject line of the email.
  • $body - The main body of the email.
  • $sig - The signature to be added the end of the email's main body.
  • $replyto - The reply to email address.
  • $replytoname - The name to associate with the reply to email address.