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This page pertains to the EPrints Bazaar administration page that can be accessed from the System Tools tab of the Admin web page for your repository archive's web interface.

The page provides access to the EPrints Bazaar for installing Bazaar plugins (i.e. EPMs). Initially this page will have two tabs but a third tab will appear after you have installed an EPM:


This tab does not appear until an EPM has been installed on the repository archive. Each installed EPM is listed with a Disable button to disable its functionality on the archive and a Uninstall plugin to completely remove it from the repository. If a new version of the EPM as be added to the Bazaar an Upgrade button will also appear next to the installed EPM.


Lists all the EPMs that can be installed from the Bazaar. Each with an Install button next to install that particular EPM. At the top of the table there is a Search bar to find a particular EPM. At the bottom there is a form to upload an .epm file and install that instead of an EPM in the Bazaar.

Developer Tools

This allows the user to create new EPMs, assign the following metadata and add files:

  • Creators - Names (given/initials and family) and email addresses of those who created the EPM.
  • Title - The title for the EPM.
  • Description - A description of the purpose of the EPM.
  • Version - The version number of the EPM.
  • Control Screen - The screen plugin name of the controller for this EPM, (e.g. EPMC::MePrints)
  • Requirements - Any requirements need for the EPM. This may be a minimum EPrints version, other EPMs or certain underlying applications installed on the EPrints server.
  • Home Page - The homepage for the EPM. This might be the GitHub homepage which display the README file, a page on this wiki or a specially constructed page for the EPM.
  • Files - The files on the current EPrints repository that should be added to this EPM.

Once you have created an local EPM this will display with an Edit' button to further edit the metadata, a Download button to download the EPM as a .epm file and a Publish button to upload the EPM to the Bazaar.