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Admin: Editorial Tools - System Tools - Config. Tools

Config. Tools: Storage Manager - Update Database - Reload Configuration - View Configuration - Phrase Editor - Edit subject - Manage Metadata Fields

This page pertains to the Config. Tools tab of the Admin web page for an EPrints repository. By default this tab has the following buttons:

  • Storage Manager - Links to a page that provide information about storage and management of EPM, document and object revision files.
  • Update Database - Runs an update to the repository archive's database, as a result of changes to configuration files.
  • Reload Configuration - Reloads the EPrints configuration to pick up any changes in the repository archive's configuration files.
  • View Configuration - Links to a page to view and if permitted add/edit configuration files for the reposotory archive.
  • Phrase Editor - Links to a page that allows all phrases for the repository archive to be edited and new phrases to be added.
  • Edit subject - Links to a page that allows subject trees for areas of research, divisions of an organisation, etc. to be edited.
  • Manage Metadata Fields - Links to a page that allows additional metadata fields to added to existing datasets.