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This field provides a set of language options but rather than being provided by the options attribute of the field configuration, the languages specified for the archive (in $c->{languages} is used.

This field is only useful for multi-langauge repository where you might want to record the language metadata for a data object or a specific metadata field is captured in. However, you are probably better off using the Multilang field. Therefore, this field is somewhat deprecated.


Additional Properties

As for Set fields except for:

Name Default Value Required? Description Notes
options n/a NO Options from which to choose. NOT inherited from Set field. Options provided automatically.

Required Phrases

No additional phrases beyond those required for Set fields.


Arclanguage fields are stored in the database as

fieldname VARCHAR(255)


See API page.


Most basic example.

    name => 'language', 
    type => 'arclanguage',