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Manual Sections

Bug Report Policy

We use a Github to record bugs and issues for EPrints. You can search there or the eprints-tech mailing list for existing bugs and possible solutions.

If you identify a new bug or "issue" (issues are not bugs, but are things which could be clearer or better) please post a message to the eprints-tech mailing list - include all the information you can: what version of eprints, operating system etc.

If you think the bug has security implications (i.e. it shouldn't be made public) please email

eprints-tech Mailing List

eprints-tech is the mailing list for technical queries or feedback. It can also have general queries, but most traffic is of a technical nature.

To subscribe send an email with a blank message body to with the subject line:

SUBSCRIBE eprints-tech your name

You do not have to provide your name, so SUBSCRIBE eprints-tech should be sufficient. You can provide a single name or multiple names but it is preferable to use the format of given name followed by family name, e.g. Joe Bloggs.

For more options to manage your subscription to the eprints-tech list click here.

To view the archives of the list go to

January 2024 update: Updating with the latest posts to the list and searching is back again, but we are still working on a better structured list archive to make it easier to get an overview.


The following twitter accounts and hashtags are currently used:

EPrints User Groups

For general or language dependent EPrints discussion