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Manual Sections

There are several different types of page in the eprints WebsiteInterface and they are generated in different ways. See WebsiteInterface for an explanation.

Every page on eprints is wrapped in the site template. This can be found at /opt/eprints2/archives/myid/cfg/template-en.xml

Changing the Template

Edit /opt/eprints2/archives/myid/cfg/template-en.xml

Make your changes. Be careful not to remove the <pin> elements as this is how eprints knows where to insert information.

Note that this file is XML so all tags must be closed correctly.

Cause the new template to be applied

TIP: If you want to see the new template in situ without waiting to update all the webpages then run "generate_abstracts myid 66" (or some other existing abstract page) and see the change on that one page.

This is slightly different for each part of the site...

Static pages

run generate_static

Abstract pages

run generate_abstracts

View pages

run generate_views

Dynamic pages

run force_config_reload or resart the webserver