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The default installation of EPrints is on a stand-alone linux system, but this is not the only way EPrints can (and has) been installed.

The EPrints team currently recommends installing EPrints in one of the following ways:

Here are some other ways:

This catagory contains a range of other sets of instructions for different operating systems and versions of EPrints. Most of them are not supported but may still work. For free support and discussion about EPrints you can sign up to the EP-Tech here:

If you want to write Installation instructions for a system other than those listed here please do. Remember to tag the page with [[Category:Installation]] so that appears in this list.

If you use one of the installation guides below and it doesnt work edit the page to say what went wrong and how you fixed it. This will help others (and probably your future self) tackle these problems in future. Here you can register for an account to edit the wiki.

Distribution Notes

Known issues and gotchas on various Linux distributions

Distibution Support Notes
Centos 7 Supported No known issues. EPrints Services test builds against this release [1].
Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Supported* Current deb for EPrints 3.3.15 on will not install due to missing dependencies (for Ubuntu 16.04 onwards only) Please us the modified deb available at Future version of the erints deb on will have this updated dependencies list.
Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Supported No known issues. EPrints Services test builds against this release [2].


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