Creating an EPrints MSI

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Warning This feature requires EPrints version 3.2.1 or later

Note: this page is only for those wishing to build a Win32 installer of the EPrints package. If you wish to install EPrints on Windows see Installing EPrints 3 on Win32.


Make sure svn, perl and zip are in your working path.


Download and install the 3.0 or later version of WiX.

Ignore any errors reported due to missing Visual Studio (we don't need it).

Add the WiX bin path to your working path:

C:\Program Files\Windows Installer XML v3\bin

Building the MSI

Start a command-prompt.

Retrieve the EPrints release build tool (requires valid account):

svn co

Copy srvany.exe from the Windows 2003 Toolkit into the new release folder.

cd release
copy "C:\Program Files\Windows Resource Kits\Tools\srvany.exe" srvany.exe

Build the .msi package:

perl --win32 nightly

The .msi file will be written to the packages\ sub-folder.

To continue installing EPrints follow the instructions at Installing EPrints 3 on Win32.

WiX Notes

These are the WiX commands executed by the package builder:

candle eprints.wsx
light -ext WixUIExtension eprints.wixobj