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This page pertains to the Search issues administration page that can be accessed from the Editorial Tools tab of the Admin web page for your repository web interface.

Issues are not necessarily errors in the publication item record but concerns or potential problems that can only be identified by comparing against all items in the repository, e.g. duplicate or very similar titles. To have issues to search over, you must have run the bin/issues_audit script. Ideally you should set up a regular schedule task (cron job) to run this script daily.

Search Form

The Search issues form allows search over issues identified with publication items. The form contains and number of search fields:

  • Issue type - The type of issue. I.e. the name given to the Issues plugin that detected the issue.
  • Timestamp - The time-frame in which the issue was discovered.
  • Username - The username of a user who deposited the eprint with an issue.
  • Item Status - The status of the eprint with an issue, (i.e. is it in the live archive or still under review or elsewhere?)
  • Creators - The name of a creator of that eprint (i.e. an author) that has an issue
  • Date - The date of the eprint (i.e. in its date field) that has an issue.
  • Subjects - Subjects associated with the eprint that has an issue.
  • Item type - Type of eprint that has an issue.

This issues search allows the results to be ordered based upon:

  • year (oldest first)
  • year (most recent first)
  • date deposited (oldest first)
  • date deposited
  • by date of most recent issue
  • by number of issues

Editing Search Configuration

The configuration for the Search users page can be found under (or more specifically the configuration setting $c->{issues_search}). This can normally be found under flavours/pub_lib/cfg.d/ but should be copied to the archive's cfg/cfg.d/ for editing. (If you have an un-flavoured (zero) repository, this file should automatically be created in your archive's cfg/cfg.d/ directory).

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