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This page pertains to the Search history administration page that can be accessed from the Editorial Tools tab of the Admin web page for your repository web interface.

Search Form

The Search items form allows searching over all publication items (eprints) rather than just those in the live archive (i.e. publicly accessible), which is what simple and advanced search are limited. By default the form is exactly the same as advanced search but has some additional fields it can search over at the top of the form:

  • Username - The username of the user who created, modified or otherwise carried out some action transformation to the publication item (i.e. eprint).
  • Action - The type of action carried out to against the publication item.
  • Timestamp - The time-frame in which the history record was created (i.e. revision time of the publication item / eprint).

This items search allows all or any of the values set for these fields to be required in search results. It also allows, the results to be ordered based upon:

  • Time (oldest first) - The time history record (i.e. eprint revision) was created.
  • User causing event - The user who led to the history record (i.e. eprint revision) being created.
  • Item - The ID of the publication item (i.e. eprint).
  • Time (newest first) - The time history record (i.e. eprint revision) was created.

Editing Search Configuration

Unlike other searches history search is not easily configurable. The file for it can be found at cgi/history_search. You should only try to edit this if you are an expert EPrints system administrator and should make sure you copy it to the archive's cgi/ directory before editing. (You may need to create this directory first).

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