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Manual Sections

Bug Report Policy

We use a Github to record bugs and issues for EPrints. You can search there or the eprints-tech mailing list for existing bugs and possible solutions.

If you identify a new bug or "issue" (issues are not bugs, but are things which could be clearer or better) please post a message to the eprints-tech mailing list - include all the information you can: what version of eprints, operating system etc.

If you think the bug has security implications (i.e. it shouldn't be made public) please email

eprints-tech Mailing List

eprints-tech is the mailing list for technical queries or feedback. It can also have general queries, but most traffic is of a technical nature.

To subscribe send an email with a blank message body to or follow the configuration instructions.

To browse the archives by month view their Mailman archives; to search use a search engine on site: .


The following twitter accounts and hashtags are currently used:

EPrints User Groups

For general or language dependent EPrints discussion