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Built in Fields

Field NameTypeDescription
metafieldidcounter fieldThe ID number of this MetaField Object (unique within a single repository)
mfdatasetidset fieldThe dataset to which te=he metafield belongs.
nametext fieldThe name of the metafield
typeset fieldThe type of the metafield
provenanceset fieldThe provenance of the metafield
phrase_namemultiple multilang fieldHuman-readable phrase name for the metafield
phrase_helpmultiple multilang fieldHuman-readable phrase help text for the metafield
multipleboolean fieldWhether the metafield can have multiple values.
allow_nullboolean fieldDoes the metafield allow null values.
export_as_xmlboolean fieldShould teh field be exported in XML and other formats.
volatileboolean fieldIs the metafield volatile, (likely to change regularly).
min_resolutionset fieldThe minimum resolution of the metafield, (e.g. day, second, etc.).
sql_indexboolean fieldDoes the metafield get indexed within the database.
render_inputtext fieldA different or bespoke function to render the input field for the metafield.
render_valuetext fieldA different or bespoke function to render the value for the metafield.
input_orderedboolean fieldWhether the input for this metafield is ordered.
maxlengthint fieldThe maximum length of the metafield.
browse_linktext fieldThe link to a browse view for the metafield if it is a subject metafield.
toptext fieldThe top subject in the subject tree that should be used as options for the subject metafield.
datasetidtext fieldThe dataset ID for the metafield, if it is a search, subobject, dataobjref, fields, itemref or file field.
set_nametext fieldThe name of the file that contains the options for the namedset metafield.
optionstext fieldThe commas separated list of options for the set metafield.
render_orderset fieldThe order to render a name if the metafield is for a name.
hide_honourificboolean fieldWhether to hide the honourfic sub-field if a name metafield.
hide_lineageboolean fieldWhether to hide the lineage sub-field if a name metafield.
family_firstboolean fieldWhether to render the family name sub-field before the given name if a name metafield.
input_styleset fieldA particular style for displaying the input form element for the metafield.
input_rowsint fieldThe number of input rows for the metafield.
input_colsint fieldThe number of input columns for the metafield.
input_boxesint fieldThe number of input boxes for the metafield.
sql_countertext fieldThe name to give to the sql counter for a counter metafield. Typically the same as the metafield's name.
default_valuetext fieldThe default value for the metafield.