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The site_lib/ directory may contain the customized version of the data directories files originally located for the EPrints system in eprints3/lib (except defaultcfg_zero). Assuming you are running several similar sites by one server this directory facilitates the maintenance of the overall configuration! The appropriate order in eprints3/flavours/pub_lib/inc controls which configuration file is used in favour of all files not found in the subdirectories below eprints3/archives/[ArchiveID]/cfg.

  • eprints3/site_lib
    • cfg.d/ - Perl configuration files.
    • citations/ - Citation configuration files which are not repository specific.
    • lang/ - Language specific lib data files.
    • namedsets/ - Options for namedset fields.
    • plugins/ - Empty directory but all customized plugins could be added here.
    • static/ - Language neutral items which appear in the website of every eprints repository (eg. javascript and arrow icons).
    • syscfg.d/ - System Perl configuration files.
    • templates/ - Web page templates.
    • themes/ - Themes that can be used by a repository.
    • workflows/ - Workflow configuration files which are not repository specific.