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flavours/pub_lib/inc is a file that specifies the include path for publication flavour repository archives.


The library include paths for the flavour.
# All paths are relative to the install path, e.g. /opt/eprints3, /usr/share/eprints, etc.
# Entries may be separated by semi-colons (;) or line breaks.
# Anything after a # is considered as a comment.
# The include path is constructed in the order in which the entries are encountered in the inc file.
# If several files of the same name are encountered in multiple directories, the last one encountered will be used.
# An include file will typically refer to a flavour specific directory and a set of ingredients.
# Wildcards are also supported, e.g. to include all ingredients, use "ingredients/*"
# There is an abbreviated form for "flavours:", "f:", e.g. "f:pub_lib", and similarly "i:" for ingredients.