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Prose: Why should you watch this video, what is the purpose in EPrints of the thing that you’re learning?

What You Will Learn

  • Where to find the main configuration files in EPrints using the command line
  • How EPrints configuration files are structured
  • How to make local changes safely

What You Should Already Know

  • Basic Linux command line interface
  • EPrints as a user and admin



The Video can be found at


The Video

Notes, Errata and Additional Information

Any notes, version information, errata, etc concerned with this video

  • EPrints 3.3.14
  • Ubuntu 15.04

Test Yourself

Exercises as appropriate to allow the learner to practice the subject of the page.

  • Locate the home directory of your EPrints installation using Apache configuration files.
  • Find the name of the database in the default file. Check it hasn't been overridden by another configuration file.
  • Find the cfg.d folder for an archive. Compare it to the defaultcfg/cfg.d folder
  • Create a static page in the /lang/en/static folder (or whichever language your archive is in)
  • Change a phrase by adding a copy to the local.xml file.

More Reading

  • For more details on specific configuration tasks, see the Training Course sections on Configuring EPrints and Maintaining and Developing EPrints.