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This video will explain what EPrints configuration files are and where to find them. It explains some of the most commonly changed files, and is an ideal start for working with EPrints at the back end.

What You Will Learn

  • Where to find the main configuration files in EPrints using the command line
  • How EPrints configuration files are structured
  • How to make local changes safely

What You Should Already Know

  • Basic Linux command line interface
  • EPrints as a user and admin



The Video can be found at


The Video

Notes, Errata and Additional Information

Any notes, version information, errata, etc concerned with this video

  • EPrints 3.3.14
  • Ubuntu 15.04

Test Yourself

Exercises as appropriate to allow the learner to practice the subject of the page.

  • Locate the home directory of your EPrints installation using Apache configuration files.
  • Find the name of the database in the default file. Check it hasn't been overridden by another configuration file.
  • Find the cfg.d folder for an archive. Compare it to the defaultcfg/cfg.d folder
  • Create a static page in the /lang/en/static folder (or whichever language your archive is in)
  • Change a phrase by adding a copy to the local.xml file.

More Reading

  • For more details on specific configuration tasks, see the Training Course sections on Configuring EPrints and Maintaining and Developing EPrints.