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Prose: Why should you watch this video, what is the purpose in EPrints of the thing that you’re learning?

What You Will Learn

  • Learning Objective 1
  • Learning Objective 2
  • Learning Objective 3

What You Should Already Know

  • Prerequisite 1 with links if appropriate
  • Prerequisite 2 with links if appropriate
  • Prerequisite 3 with links if appropriate



The Video can be found at


0:00 Introduction to the topics in the video 0:25 Where is EPrints installed? (Ubuntu / Debian style) 0:36 Using the Apache configuration file to find EPrints 2:05 What is EPrints? (as a system) 2:17 Finding the database (default file) 2:40 Checking for overrides to the default file 3:40 Looking at the database 3:57 Listing tables in the database 4:05 The EPrint table (non-multiple fields) 4:21 Finding tables holding multiple fields 6:06 The cfg.d directory 6:25 Simple and complex configurations 7:13 - changing abstract pages 7:35 - changing browse views 7:45 Best practice for customising configuration settings 8:20 Adding a new field in a new configuration file 9:15 Using diff to check local configuration files against default configuration files 10:00 Benefits of using separate files when upgrading 10:21 The /bin directory 10:35 epadmin - some common functions 11:25 Default configuration files for a new archive 11:53 Global (all archives) settings in the /lib directory 12:37 Overriding global configurations for an archive (Templates example) 14:51 Reloading the repository to show changes 15:28 Making changes to phrases (displayed text) 17:35 The /archives directory 17:53 Inside an archive directory 18:03 The archive /documents directory 24:01 Finding the documents for a specific EPrint 26:00 System generated documents (previews) 26:23 History of an EPrint - Revision files in the /revisions directory 27:04 Static files in /html 28:41 Static files in /cfg/lang/[en]/static and cfg/static 31:12 Running generate_static to refresh html pages (and --prune option to remove) 31:57 Citations - where to find them 32:30 Plugins - where to find them 34:06 Plugins - where to create a directory for Archive-specific plugins

The Video

Notes, Errata and Additional Information

Any notes, version information, errata, etc concerned with this video

  • EPrints 3.3.14
  • Ubuntu 15.04

Test Yourself

Exercises as appropriate to allow the learner to practice the subject of the page.

  • Locate the home directory of your EPrints installation using Apache configuration files.
  • Find the name of the database in the default file. Check it hasn't been overridden by another configuration file.

More Reading

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