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New Features in EPrints 3.3.x

This list will be fleshed out as we get closer to a final release.

EPrints Bazaar

"1-click" extensions and add-ons

Search engine plugins

Searches are now executed through the plugins layer with a new 'Search' plugin type. EPrints 3.3 comes with one new search engine: Xapian. Xapian is a probabilistic search engine that supports boolean queries. Requires the Search::Xapian Perl library and a full re-index.

XSLT-based Imports, Exports and Citation Styles

Flexible object support

Define any new object classes which can be created, browsed, searched etc.

SWORD 2.0/CRUD support

Improved workflow and document management

AJAX-based upload, deletion, updates

Import workflows

Import plugins can now have a sibling Screen plugin that provides the interface for using that importer.

Upgrade Notes

  • Backup your database before installing this update. While upgrading has been tested you should always backup your repository before installing updates that change your database schema.
  • This is a new branch release that will make significant changes to your repository's database and configuration. Upgrading repositories may require fixes to appearance and/or configuration to continue working.

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