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Release Notes

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This page contains information about the EPrints v3.4.1 tag and release on GitHub.

Release Notes

EPrints 3.4.1 is now available from files.eprints.org and GitHub.

  • Zero codename: Brownie Drift
  • Publication flavour codename: Chocolate Ganache Mudslide (1.1) (retrospectively applied, will show 1.0 publication flavour version and codename)

New Dependencies

Dependencies can be installed as RPMs (yum install PACKAGE), DEBs (apt-get install PACKAGE) or CPAN (cpan MODULE). JSON and TeX Encode modules have been added as dependency to 3.4.1 DEB package. Perl Config General module is only needed if you intend to use the epindexer Upstart script. Perl's LWP::Protocol::https is need to access the EPrints Bazaar over HTTPS.

  • Perl JSON module
    • RPM: perl-JSON
    • DEB: libjson-perl
    • CPAN: JSON
  • Perl TeX Encode module
    • RPM: unavailable in RHEL/CentOS standard YUM repositories (available in Fedora Core 30+)
    • DEB: libtex-encode-perl
    • CPAN: TeX::Encode
  • Perl Config General module
    • RPM: perl-Config-General
    • DEB: libconfig-general-perl
    • CPAN: Config::General
  • Perl LWP::Protocol::https module
    • RPM: perl-LWP-Protocol-https
    • DEB: liblwp-protocol-https-perl
    • CPAN: LWP::Protocol::https

Changes from 3.4.0

  • Minor bug and typo fixes and addition of missing phrases.
  • Ensure multi_param method is used if available.
  • Improved default rendering of history tab
  • Each part of the subjects hierarchy now a separate link
  • Fixed rendering off logged in user link as part of the login menu.
  • Added template field for DataObjs, so they can have a non-default display template.
  • Better HTML class/ID labelling to faciltate CSS styling.
  • Update CAPTCHA MetaFields to use ReCAPTCHAv2 by default.
  • Better management of dependencies between ingredients.
  • Allow searches to have their own titles defined directly rather than just constructed from the title phrase (e.g. Title matches "test" AND Authors is "Smith")
  • Added JavaScript variable definitions for user ID, name and type so these can be used client side.
  • Enabled text indexing on set fields by default.
  • Allow leaf nodes (i.e. pages rather than menus) of browse views to use a different template to other nodes.
  • Added user role to give no (rather than all) editorial rights to an editor unless specified.
  • Allow latest items feeds to only be displayed if specified rather than dependent on values set for the export plugin itself.
  • Made configuration for side-wide HTTPS simpler.
  • Prevent default export of issues field even for admin export, as this field can get exponentially quite large and is rarely useful as part of a general export.
  • Fixed request processing so GET and HEAD requests get routed the same way.
  • Added basic history search functionality.
  • Colour space fix when generating thumbnails
  • Fix to ensure EPMC screen plugins have the super class plugin pre-loaded
  • Added registry line to /cgi/counter to list included paths for flavours, ingredients and otehr library directories.
  • TeX::Encode module has been removed from the codebase so more up to date version can be installed through CPAN or Linux package.
  • Provided CSRF protection for forms.
  • Provide facility to set path used for URIs so this does not change if you make the repository HTTPS everywhere (i.e. retain http URIs)

Changes ported from 3.3

  • Various typo fixes and additional documenting comments
  • Fixed "on behalf of" functionality for SWORD deposits.
  • Deal better with empty strings set for related_url_type.
  • Improved name searching with apostrophes, accented characters and similar.
  • Added ITF-8 compatibility for the DOI library
  • Checkout URL for logout on logged_in_as phrase
  • Added id attribute for ep_sr_compoment and ep_sr_none div elements to fix Prototype issue.
  • Fixed bug with RDF triples generation for bibo.
  • Simplified fallback logic for generated updated browse views.
  • Added default phrase for empty links in view menus.
  • Fixed base URLs so https is used by default if $c->{securehost} is set not if $c->{host} is not.
  • Remove leading and trailing white space from uploaded files, so they are consistent with the database.
  • Added DOI library.
  • Added mysql_enable_utf8 to MySQL DSN.
  • Changed method for determining database index names to reduce the chances of them being too long for MySQL.
  • Allow hyperlinks to be added to document icons.
  • Add params to MetaField::render_search_value, so extended MetaField clases could make use of these.https://serviceswiki.eprints-hosting.org/index.php?title=3.4.1_Release&action=edit
  • Created a citation for a logged in user (e.g. in menu bar) so this is more easily customisable.
  • Allow for email black lists on request-a-copy.
  • Added render_value_function to EPScript API
  • Switched to using Perl JSON library to parse JSON / JavaScript strings.
  • Fixed generic invalid XML revision file generation when metadata includes unrecognised (to XML) characters.
  • Fixed issue with whitespace and buffer length when truncating the contents of a file for DataObj::File's characters method.
  • Aesthetic improvements to the history tab layout.
  • Hide full paths when running generate_static in quiet mode.
  • Added required type to return value for run_doc_size.
  • Ensured make_name_string can deal with single name people.
  • Give 'email' field same type as 'requester_email' for Request DataObjs
  • Added permanent redirect method to Apache::Rewrite
  • Pre-emptively strip extra slashes from redirect
  • Fixed bad regex in /cgi/search
  • Fixed Apache rewrite match for sitemap.
  • Captured error message in Event descriptions, so it can be displayed immediately and also set as the description value.
  • Fixed output error element when a badVerb is request for OAI.
  • Changed to using <tt> rather than <code> element on all default static pages.
  • Fixed bug with export to Subject file.

Planned Development

See EPrints 3.4.2.