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This field allows a choice from a set of options like a Set field. However, here the options can be defined within a namedset file rather than under the options> attribute of the field configuration. This makes it easier to update the available options, potentially programmatically.

This field offers a halfway house between a Set field and a Subject field. Being more easily re-configurable that the former whilst less complex than the latter.


Additional Properties

As for Set fields except for:

Name Default Value Required Description Notes
set_name n/a YES Specifies the filename of the namedset file.
options undef NO Options from which to choose. NOT inherited from Set field. Options provided by namedset file defined in set_name.

Required Phrases

No additional phrases beyond those required for Set fields. However, you may need to add phrases for some or all the values on the namedset file, depending on whether this is a bespoke namedset file. These will take the form:

namedset_filename + "_typename_" + value

For example for lib/namedsets/'s security file, the phrase for staffonly has the ID:



Namedset fields are stored in the database as

fieldname VARCHAR(255)


See API page.


Most basic example.

    name => 'archive', 
    type => 'namedset',
    set_name => 'archives',

Make field required and only show one input row.

    name => 'security', 
    type => 'namedset', 
    required => 1, 
    input_rows => 1,
    set_name=> 'security',

Allow multiple values with long input style (i.e. a list of labelled checkboxes). Link rendered values to a browse view listing.

    name => 'category', 
    type => 'namedset',
    set_name => 'artwork', 
    multiple => 1, 
    required => 1, 
    input_style => 'long', 
    browse_link => 'category'