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* [[Preservation Support]] in GNU EPrints 3
* [[Preservation Support]] in GNU EPrints 3
* I18n
* I18n
* [[How to Contribute]]
* [[How to contribute]]
** [[Extension packages]]
= Technical Reference =
= Technical Reference =

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Installing EPrints & Getting Started

How-to Guides

What is a how-to?

  • Orientation (Start here)
    • New to EPrints 3? - before diving into the how-tos, take some time to read through this brief orientation guide and familiarise yourself with the EPrints configuration landscape...
    • Migrated from EPrints 2? - this orientation guide is intended to help you re-orient yourselves in your new EPrints 3 set up...
  • Branding with confidence - one of the most common EPrints customisations is to add your own institution's branding and "look and feel" to the interface...
  • Adding new views
  • Deposit Types and Metadata
  • Organisation Hierarchy
  • Searches
  • Autocompletion and Authority Files (Romeo Autocomplete) - add autocomplete functionality to the Publication Title input field based on an authority file downloaded from EPrints Romeo...
  • Login-Only Repository - require a username and password to access all pages (including search, browse, and the front page)...
  • more


Technical Reference