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==To create statistics in a batch way ==
==To create statistics in a batch way ==

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To create statistics in a batch way

The code for create statistics in a batch way is here http://eprints.rclis.org/fixsoft/stats.tar.gz .

Until now there isn't a good install manual so, you need to read the code to use the scripts.

A general introduction

The package use a specific apache log format. As first thing you need to setup the log with those instructions:

 LogFormat "%h \"%l\" \"%u\" %t \"%r\" %>s %b \"%{Referer}i\" \"%{User-Agent}i\"" extra
 CustomLog /your_path/logs/access_log extra

As second you need to create the database and tables used as data warehouse. Use the script 'schema.eprintstats-ELIS.sql' . The name of database must be eprintstats.

Now use the scripts 'filtra_rob2.pl' and 'input_log_def.pl' to insert data from apache log into MySQL. To purge apache log of robots activity you need a list of robots user agents. You can use the list avaible in the file 'lista_agenti.dat'. To create a similar list you can use the script 'list_robots.pl'.

In the script 'update_stat.sh' there are the operation to do every day to update the data warehouse.

To create the web pages use the scripts 'const_stat.pm', 'crea_file.pl', 'crea_cumulo.pl', 'crea_country.pl' and the subdir 'bars' and 'flags1814'

A tecnical discussion

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