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To create statistics in a batch way

The code for create statistics in a batch way is here .

Until now there isn't a good install manual so, you need to read the code to use the scripts.

A general introduction

The package use a specific apache log format. As first thing you need to setup the log with those instructions:

 LogFormat "%h \"%l\" \"%u\" %t \"%r\" %>s %b \"%{Referer}i\" \"%{User-Agent}i\"" extra
 CustomLog /your_path/logs/access_log extra

As second you need to create the database and tables used as data warehouse. Use the script 'schema.eprintstats-ELIS.sql' . The name of database must be eprintstats.

Now use the scripts '' and '' to insert data from apache log into MySQL. To purge apache log of robots activity you need a list of robots user agents. You can use the list avaible in the file 'lista_agenti.dat'. To create a similar list you can use the script ''.

In the script '' there are the operation to do every day to update the data warehouse.

To create the web pages use the scripts '', '', '', '' and the subdir 'bars' and 'flags1814'

A tecnical discussion

On writting by Zeno Tajoli