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Manual Sections

Bug Report Policy

We use a Github to record bugs and issues for EPrints. You can search there or the eprints-tech mailing list for existing bugs and possible solutions.

If you identify a new bug or "issue" (issues are not bugs, but are things which could be clearer or better) please post a message to the eprints-tech mailing list - include all the information you can: what version of eprints, operating system etc.

If you think the bug has security implications (i.e. it shouldn't be made public) please email

Mailing Lists


eprints-announce is a low-traffic mailing list that just contains announcements for new versions of EPrints or other very important news.

To subscribe send an email with the following line in the message body to

subscribe eprints-announce


eprints-tech is the mailing list for technical queries or feedback. It can also have general queries, but most traffic is of a technical nature.

To subscribe send an email with a blank message body to

You can access an online archive for eprints-tech at


We run two mailing lists for committers: eprints-devel and eprints-changes. To receive changes to our tickets and repository, subscribe to eprints-changes (read only). eprint-devel is a lower-traffic discussion of commits (questions will probably be ignored - use ep-tech instead).

To subscribe send an email with one of the following lines in the message body to

subscribe eprints-devel
subscribe eprints-changes

WARNING: eprints-changes is HIGH traffic (every ticket and commit gets posted).

The list of tickets and commits is also accessible via the Web on our EPrints Trac.


eprints-underground is the non-technical mailing list for the discussion of metadata, politics (how to get content) and what people plan to use the eprints for.

To subscribe send an email with the following line in the message body to

subscribe eprints-underground

Non-EPrints Specific

The Open Archives Protocol has some mailing lists of its own, see the site for information on these.


The ep-tech mailing list is the primary location for EPrints technical discussion/help. However, you may find some EPrints people on Freenode IRC: #eprints

EPrints UK User Group

For general EPrints discussion.

Access the group online at!forum/eprints-uk-user-group