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This page pertains to the Search items administration page that can be accessed from the Editorial Tools tab of the Admin web page for your repository web interface.

The Search items page allows searching over all publication items (eprints) rather than just those in the live archive (i.e. publicly accessible), which is what simple and advanced search are limited. By default the form is exactly the same as advanced search but has some additional fields it can search over at the top of the form:

  • Item ID - The eprint ID of the particular publication item.
  • Username - The username of the user who created the publication item.
  • Name - The name (e.g. Joe Bloggs) of the user who created the publication item.
  • Item Status - The status of the publication item (i.e. user inbox, review buffer, live archive, retired). By default the live archive and review buffer options are select.
  • Directory - The directory in which the publication item resides.

The other main difference to advanced search is that on clicking on search results this will take the user to the view page for the publication item rather than its abstract page.

The configuration for the Search items page can be found under cfg.d/ (or more specifically the configuration setting $c->{datasets}->{eprint}->{search}->{staff}). This can normally be found under flavours/pub_lib/cfg.d/ but should be copied to the archive's cfg/cfg.d/ for editing.