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EPrints::Apache::AnApache - Utility methods for talking to mod_perl

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This module provides a number of utility methods for interacting with the request object.

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For backwards compatibility - use HTTP_ constants instead of :common constants.

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Maps to EPrints::Const::HTTP_UNAUTHORIZED. Authorization is required to access the requested resource.

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Maps to EPrints::Const::HTTP_FORBIDDEN. Access to the requested resource is forbidden.

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Maps to EPrints::Const::HTTP_INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR. Requesting the resource has caused an internal server error.

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EPrints::Apache::AnApache::send_http_header( $request )

Send the HTTP header, if needed.

$request is the current Apache request.

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EPrints::Apache::AnApache::header_out( $request, $header, $value )

Set a value in the HTTP headers of the response. $request is the apache request object, $header is the name of the header and $value is the value to give that header.

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$value = EPrints::Apache::AnApache::header_in( $request, $header )

Return the specified HTTP header from the current request.

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$request = EPrints::Apache::AnApache::get_request

Return the current Apache request object.

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$value = EPrints::Apache::AnApache::cookie( $request, $cookieid )

Return the value of the named cookie, or undef if it is not set.

This avoids using CGI, so does not consume the POST data.

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EPrints::Apache::AnApache::upload_doc_file( $session, $document, $paramid );

Collect a file named $paramid uploaded via HTTP and add it to the specified $document.

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EPrints::Apache::AnApache::upload_doc_archive( $session, $document, $paramid, $archive_format );

Collect an archive file (.ZIP, .tar.gz, etc.) uploaded via HTTP and unpack it then add it to the specified document.

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EPrints::Apache::AnApache::send_status_line( $request, $code, $message )

Send a HTTP status to the client with $code and $message.

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EPrints::Apache::AnApache::send_hidden_status_line( $request, $code )

Send a hidden HTTP status to the client with $code.

This is intended for where EPrints already displays a useful error message but a 200 HTTP status code is otherwise logged.

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$rc = EPrints::Apache::AnApache::ranges( $r, $maxlength, $chunks )

Populates the byte-ranges in $chunks requested by the client.

$maxlength is the length, in bytes, of the resource.

Returns the appropriate byte-range result code or OK if no Range header is set.

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© Copyright 2023 University of Southampton.

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EPrints 3.4 is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU Lesser General Public License for more details.

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