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Ideas for future versions of eprints

Chris Keene

Chris Keene. Technical Development Manager, University of Sussex Library, UK.

Eprints 3 upgrade

I'm keeping a journal of our upgrade/migration from eprints2 to eprints3: User:Ckeene/ep3_upgrade

Ideas for future features in eprints

I'm keeping a list of features (and infrastructure changes) I would like to see in eprints. User:Ckeene/Ideas for future versions of eprints

Stuff I've done related to eprints

  1. I manage for the University of Sussex
  2. We have some background information
  3. and a not very much updated news/blog
  4. I have made available some very simple analog config files and perl scripts for producing web usage statistics: Files/Simple_usage_statistics_(using_analog)
  5. I made a tiny change to Files/Import_BibTeX_via_CGI to fix a bug
  6. When working on something which is new to me related to eprints, I try to update the wiki to expand on anything unclear or missing. Special:Contributions/Ckeene


A Test: User:Ckeene/page2