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This video shows you how to manipulate subject trees in EPrints. Subject trees allow you to browse by hierarchies, such as subjects and departments.

What You Will Learn

  • How to change display names of subject trees
  • How to add a new node to a tree
  • How to make bulk changes to subject files
  • How to import a subject file
  • How to export a subject tree

What You Should Already Know

  • How to use the EPrints Admin interface
  • Basic use of command line interface to run EPrints commands



The Video can be found at


The Video

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  • EPrints 3.3.14
  • Ubuntu 15.04

Test Yourself

Use the admin interface to edit a subject

Create a subject tree in the basic text format, e.g.:

subjects:Name of Subject Tree:ROOT:0
subjA:First Subject Name:subjects:0
childA1:First Child Subject A:subjA:1
subjB:Second Subject Name:subjects:0
childB1:First Child Subject B:subjB:1
childB2:Second Child Subject B:subjB:1
subjC:Third Subject Name:subjects:0
childC1:First Child Subject C:subjC:1

Import this into the archive using the command line tool bin/import_subjects

Now add a new tree to show the organisation structure. Remember the system names must be unique across all subject trees, e.g.:

divisions:Name of Department Tree:ROOT:0
facA:Faculty A:divisions:0
deptA1:Department A1:facA:1
facB:Faculty B:divisions:0
deptB1:Department B1:facB:1
facC:Faculty C:divisions:0
deptC1:Department C1:facC:1
deptC2:Department C2:facC:1

Import this into the archive using the command line tool

Change the name of one of your new subjects using the admin interface

Now export that tree using the commandline tool bin/export [archivename] subject Subject

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