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This video shows how to create an autocompletion authority file (data source file) and implement autocompletion against that file. It also discusses how alternative data sources may be implemented for field autocompletion.

What You Will Learn

  • How to create a simple authority file for autocompletion
  • How to implement a field value lookup against that file in the workflow
  • How to create a multiple field value authority file
  • How to use one authority file for lookups from multiple fields
  • How the autocomplete functionality works behind the scenes

What You Should Already Know

  • How to edit EPrints configuration files (e.g. Workflow Configuration)
  • Basics of HTML code - ul, li tags and style attributes



The Video can be found at


The Video

Notes, Errata and Additional Information

Any notes, version information, errata, etc concerned with this video

  • EPrints 3.3.14
  • Ubuntu 15.04

Test Yourself

  • Try creating a new authority file and linking it to a field
  • Try creating an authority file for several connected fields and linking it to all those fields
  • Try creating an authority file and linking it to a compound field - this should be similar to the previous exercise
  • Try creating an autocomplete using a different data source - e.g. simple_sql to lookup previously entered journal details

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