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Please email me ( hjm03r @ ) directly if you are having problems with installing EPrints on Windows.

A small installation bug

This might just be me, but it's caused a good bit of heartache for me over the last day or so, so I thought I'd mention it here in case anyone else has the same trouble.

I installed eprints on a Windows XP (SP3) machine, Perl and Apache 2.2.14, and after a few false starts got to the last step of configuration. However, whatever I did, I couldn't get the httpd.conf file fixed and Apache restarted. In the end, I tracked this down to a problem with C:/EPrints/EPrints/bin/ - this starts off with a line calling '/opt/eprints3/perl_lib', which of course won't exist in the Windows installation.

Alter this line to '/EPrints/EPrints/perl_lib', and it seems to work fine.

-- Andrew Gray (adg at radley org uk)