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Import from ORCID is a simple plugin for EPrints that demonstrates how publications could be imported into EPrints for a given author identified by an ORCID, using the ORCID Tier 1 (public) API.

For Developers: Technical Details

Given an author's ORCID, the plugin queries the ORCID Tier 1 API and retrieves a list of works published by that author in JSON format.

The metadata describing each work may include a work-citation-format (for example, BIBTEX) and/or multiple work-external-identifier-type (for example, DOI, PMID) elements - where the work-citation-format or work-external-identifier-type can be mapped to an EPrints import plugin an Import option is displayed next to the work.

For Administrators: Testing the Concept

1. After installing, an ORCID button appears on the Admin screen.

Import from orcid admin.png

2. Enter an author's ORCID to search for their published works.

Import from orcid enter orcid.png

3. Search results retrieved and listed with import options where available.

Import from orcid search results.png

4. Clicking Import takes you to the default EPrints import screen.

Import from orcid import.png

5. After importing the item, you are taken to the deposit workflow where you can edit and deposit the item.

Import from orcid edit item.png