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This is IRStats 1 documentation. IRStats 1 is now out of support. You may have been looking for IRStats2

IRStats is a flexible statistics package which allows easy processing of accesses to fulltext documents of eprints. It can be downloaded from the Eprints File repository. For more detailed information, please see the IRStats Technical Documentation, though it is now somewhat out of date.

The front end

The Query Form

The main interface to IRStats is found at the following URL (given a repository base URL of

You will be presented with a form allowing you to select the parameters with which to generate a report.

Advanced Report Generation (get_view2 params)

The following will help if you wish to create queries by setting the CGI parameters by hand.

There are three fundamental parameters that IRStats uses. There are:

  • A Date Range (actually 6 parameters for day, month and year for both start and end dates)
  • A Set of EPrints
  • A View

However, in order to add functionality, the get_view2 page will convert a larger number of parameters into these three. The following table shows all parameters and values, with square brackets denoting variables.

Parameter Possible Values Notes
IRS_datechoice period, range Controls whether the 6 date range parameters or the single period parameter is used.
period -[X]m, Q[Z][YYYY] Used when IRS_datechoice=period.
Where m and Q are literal characters, X is a positive integer, Z is an integer in the range 1 to 4 and YYYY is a four digit year.
Go back exactly four months from today's date
Quarter 3, 2004
start_day, start_month, start_year, end_day, end_month, end_year integers (1-31, 1-12, four digit respectively) Used when IRS_datechoice=range.
Note that if a day value is higher than the highest day in the chosen month, it will be treated as the highest day -- e.g. start_day=31&start_month=02 is seen as valid and equivalent to February 28th. Note that start_day=99 is also valid!
IRS_epchoice All, EPrint, [set_id] Controls whether stats will be generated on all eprints, a single eprints, or a set of eprints. The 'All' option is the only one that does not require extra parameters. Note that 'set_id' is the id of a valid set as defined in the IRStats configuration.
eprint [eprintid] Used when IRS_epchoice=EPrint.
Any valid eprint ID (integer).
[set_id]s [set_id]_[set_member_code] Used when IRS_epchoice=[set_id].
Best described through example:
Will generate a report on the art department, given a standard EPrints repository and IRStats config, where the subject id 'art' exists in the divisions tree in EPrints.
view [view classname] The classname of the IRStats::View perl module.

The Dashboard Form

A dashboard is a collection of reports on a single item or set of items (e.g. all items by John Smith). To access the form to generate a report, go to the url:

The configuration file

Documentation to follow.